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In some office now, to protect offices effectively, people usually instrument a product that can help people communicate in long distance and waste time in connecting information, it is walkie talkie.

But on the market now, there are many kind of different talkie for people to choose. You can consider and choose suitable talkie. Get started with some website about talkie. After that, you can take best walkie talkie.

To choose good talkie, you should consider some features and then have the best choice for this product. Now we will guide you some way to help you choose good one and then it will serve for you effectively.

During its operation – Maitel always get questions: What is PTT? talkie works and how its application in the running work out why – should we posted this article forward somewhat relieve the customer’s questions.

What Are Radios?

Radios – two way radios – the broadcasting equipment used for two-way radios to contact directly in a working group. PTT allows multiple people can listen at the same time to have a talk. Normally radius of the radio conversation between portable between 2-3km; radius of 20-50km fixed radios thanks to the support of the wave relay station …

Today, with the development of technology – touch capability of the radio has been significantly improved, which not to mention the ability to communicate without limits of the radio system running on the platform in internet.

What Does Walkie Work Like?

Radios worked on the principle of two-way conversation one voice stream, with speaker and the listener.

Example: A working group has 5 radio users, in the course of work if there is a problem there, someone just said on the radio that the rest will hear all of the information say, different from ordinary mobile phones; there will be a delay when you pick up the phone and can only be a caller to a person.

Where Are The Radios Used?

Today the radio application in companies, enterprises and other types of services is very popular and common. Such as:

– Protect restaurants, companies, buildings….

– The patrol police….

– Used in construction

– In the field of construction, the construction process…

– In the maritime loading and unloading, station cars, airplanes….

– Offshore fishing vessels ..

– With the radio fixed chassis 01 (antenna, cable waveguide, power adapter – The specific installation requirements)

How To Use Talkie

About using the radio depends on the use environment as in the city or outside the city, there are many non-shielded, there are other noise sources acting on it? …

Current handheld walkie talkie ICOM V82 line with capacity of up to 7W, ensuring good operating range.

If the contact radius of less than 2 km in the city and less than 3 km outside the city, you do not have to buy anything, just buy the radio on is used.

If you use a radius of 2 km greater than 3 km in the city and outside the city, you need to have the transition center for amplification of the radio signal between the human hand, increasing the radius of talk.

If use of the radio frequency you should register to avoid interfering noise signals from other systems on your system.

I am prepared to open the taxi company, so I need to equip the system what your taxi radios?

You must be equipped with the following devices:

– The radio transceiver center (number depending on partition management talkie)

– Antenna for the radio station of the same axial cable systems, columns placed antennas, connectors …

– The microphone calling a taxi

– PTT mounted on cars

– Meter system

Maitel provide such series radios Kenwood, Motorola, Icom …. We are committed to only selling good quality long-term warranty, the ability to supply unlimited and always cheapest prices up bare. Coming to Maitel you will be advised to choose the product carefully by a team of professionals with many years of our experience. With service centers are supported by the company – our engineers always satisfy customers with warranty repairs quickly and diversity.

Currently Maitel are attractive promotions for the products of the radio. Specifically when you buy certain products at Maitel talkie Store, customers will receive a discount of 5-10% over the listing price and associated promotional replace some accessories.

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