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Referring to the helmet we could not speak to the brand world-renowned helmet has accompanied also consumers worldwide. The best motorcycle helmet brand is always associated with their results. Of course we today we also have the best motorcycle helmet under 200 which is of similar quality to those brands.

Yes, but today we will together review the trademark protection in traffic in the early part of the helmet, things in her great obligation to protect life our lives.

Surely nobody would unfamiliar with the brand that does not have to, here I would like to list a few brands which have high quality and creamy according to the certificate commitment to quality products motorcyclists.

Brand: AGV

As mentioned AGV we will not mention from Italy, a country with romance and burning. AGV is the leading brand hat, helmet manufacturer was founded in 1947, they came up with the design motorcycle helmet is widely favored.

Founder –  Gino Amisano – AGV is its father, in the first time, his main purpose is to shop with leather seats, but then, he has noticed market motorcycle helmet is a potential market to do, and he decided to produce the helmet first Italian brand and preferred by consumers.

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Brand: Arai

When prompted to Arai, would everyone think of quality has always been leading in this helmet market. Arai is a member of the Japanese brand, is the perfect symbol of the honor of the Japanese. Arai has brought to consumers a new wind to the product is handcrafted, the handmade helmet but the quality is not inferior to the helmet made from industrial machinery. Although it branded helmets understand the craft is the best hat helping professional racers protect themselves. Arai made helmet under the standard – SNELL.

Brand: BELL

You will not be surprised to see Bell brand everywhere. That’s a reason why the Bell market is a quite large. They seem to always look the same customers every little detail of the hat. This has to make up the difference for the Bell brand and the different ways that made them successful and caught the surprise for customers in each product which was put on the market.

In addition to providing helmets for motorcycles, they also care about the safety of those who work environment looks like speed ski helmet, one of the favorite sports of millions around the world Men in cold regions.

Brands: HJC

If your family has an indoor man, surely you indispensable to a helmet of full face, especially with the favorite guy in motorcycles. HJC is one of the leading manufacturers of innovative helmets, and they have taken full face helmet to the peak.

Full face helmets are usually heavy weight, large size, makes the user feel heavy and difficult to control. But it was the progress HJC helmet becomes lighter, and easier to use, while still ensuring quality hats to protect traffic participants. It was a big step of HJC, and that this has brought customers put their trust in brands HJC.

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Brand: KBC

This brand was established more than 20 years, it is a pride of California and day by day it global reach to capture market share helmet. KBC mentioned you will not need to think or hesitate with the smallest details of the product. To them, the safety is always important but what helps them has market share and customers’ loyalty that is the comfort and the smallest details that make up the helmet.

Brand: Nolan

It is a brand made by the standards of the US and Europe – DOT. Italian brand – Nolan has gradually come into people’s hearts by using Modular helmet market. Nolan always tried to invest in technology to reduce costs and increase productivity as well as product quality. Currently, it accounts for about 55% of the market of European helmets.

Brand: Shark

Of course, when it comes to motorcycle helmets we cannot ignore the shark when it makes sure everyone, Shark suspected shark image to aggressive and powerful. Shark has built successful shark pictures of themselves in more than 25 years.

And also a few other well-known brands like Shoei, you can learn more about the type of glider hat this global stature!

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