The Best Note When Using Battery For Motorcycle

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When using battery for motorcycle, you will meet some failures. At that time, you need to find the way to fix it. And in this article, we will introduce to you some normal failures.

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Frequent Failures When Using Battery For Motorcycle

Fully charged battery, but after a night of power was weak, even when not in use.

Because batteries are dirty surfaces to provide a bridge between the two poles; Average short-circuit inside precipitated by loose or broken pane; Materials can also make batteries unsatisfactory or impurities in solution.

You should clean, wipe or rinse average battery clean, rather new solution and average recharge

Increasing voltage when loaded, but the fast exciting solution concentration did not increase significantly, with more extreme appearance leaves white spots on the positive and negative plates separated. Batteries do not discharge or discharge soon runs out.

Due to the fluid in the battery is too low as the knob plate, or high concentration of solution.

Need to refill the bottle store or reload. With average fast discharge or dirty solution, you should change a new solution in accordance with specified concentrations, then charging for about 10 hours.

Due to charging to the line is too heavy or too long load times make solution concentration increases leading to decreased reliability of the plate.

In some situation, you need refill distilled water, add electric load according to the process.

When you see the following symptoms appear, it may be your battery had problems, so you need to check, maintenance immediately:

– Starters is slow motion, weak.

– Lights dim turn signal, do not disconnect relays.

– Whistle distortion and when pressed on the pressure drop bulb, glassy.

If you see these signs, you should remove the battery out of the motorcycle to check:

– Remove the battery box, open the clamp screw, and remove the fuse from the circuit.

– Withdrawal of the average sewer, lift the battery out of the hopper.

– Carefully check the water level in the short comments, drawn compartment lid, add water to the upper bar.

Put the battery back to the motorcycle, greased on screws electrodes, the end is mounted through the circuit fuse. If a blown fuses should be replaced old right type.

In the event that the water added is still weak battery, take it to a repair effect to rinse battery and recharge.

Note When Using Battery For Motorcycle

When using a water battery, should periodically 1-2 months test a times. Without adding new solution and need, then you should buy acid was diluted. Never give water more acid (the acid bottle in the shop selling motorbike parts) of this type can only be poured for the first time.

If you keep adding new drinks on average this acid, high acid concentrations will soon ruin the plates, reducing the life and capacity of the battery. When adding water, clean … avoid short electrodes. Use turn signals or brake repeatedly will make the battery will soon run out of power.

Choosing Of Battery – Provided

A suitable battery will be held according to the groove, to avoid problems arising from oscillation or vibration during vehicle motion. You should note that some vehicles allow mounting batteries of different sizes. It’s best to bring or photographed carrying old batteries to modeling, avoid confusion.

 Voltage And Capacity Of A Battery

If your motorcycle is new, select batteries with the same capacity battery mounted on your vehicle first. If you have old motorcycle, use more, you should choose a battery with greater capacity about 10Ah. For example, you ride the original battery is 50ah type; if your motorcycle is old, or to restart, or to use electrical equipment, cold weather, … you should choose a battery with 60Ah capacity range to avoid affecting the motor avoid motorcycle repair.

The Biggest Launch Line

In addition to the above parameters, you must ensure the battery has enough power to start the engine. Energy startup parameters measured by the boot line. In symbols, the starting current 680A is that the battery can supply for 30 seconds at 00C before the voltage down to 7.2V. You should choose batteries with equivalent or greater flow original battery.

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